At Landing Creek Pickleball we have a limited 15 day no questions asked return policy on pickleball paddles. For extended paddle warranty coverage see the table below for each manufacturer. 

Engage Limited Lifetime Warranty 888-615-2242
Franklin 90 Day Limited Warranty 781-344-1111
GearBox 1 year Limited Warranty 877-443-2726
Head 1 year Limited Warranty 800-289-7366
Paddletek Limited Lifetime Warranty 866-972-3353
Prince Limited Lifetime Warranty 866 386-3499
Selkirk Limited Lifetime Warranty 800-759-4326
Vulcan 1 year Limited Warranty 501-760-6888


What is not covered by a paddle warranty? - Normal wear and tear, abuse and negligence. Any modifications made to the paddle after purchasing. Fading of graphics. Hitting other objects (other than the Pickleball) such as the ground and other paddles can weaken the paddle or loosen the trim.